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In accordance with the Philosophy of the University, the Zoology and Environmental Biology programme is planned to promote general and practical education in Zoology and Environmental Biology. Animals’ existence is totally dependent on the abiotic and biotic variables of its environment. The knowledge of Zoology and Environmental Biology is the central theme in such emerging areas like Ecotoxicology, Animal Biotechnology, Biodiversity Studies, Ecosystem Monitoring, Environmental Management and Animal Bioinformatics. Environmental Biology encompassing such multidisciplinary areas has become an important issue in animal biodiversity prospecting, wildlife conservation and environmental management. Hence, it is imperative that the student should be properly trained to enable him/her play the expected pivotal roles in these emerging field of learning. Thus to play this role, adequate knowledge of environmental biology is imperative and has been built into the curriculum.

Job Opportunities

There is an acute shortage of Biochemists at present to study the soils, fertilizers, feedstuffs, insecticides, plant and animal hormones, plant growth-regulators, herbicides, etc., particularly with special regard to the West African sub-region. Biochemical research workers are also needed for the provision of the basic biochemical knowledge which is lacking with regard to plant and animal nutrition and disease, the biochemical aspects of the germination, growth, repening and spoilage of fruits and crops, and several other such topics which are important to agriculture and veterinary science in West Africa.

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